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For anyone who didn't get to view the proofs before this lot went live, if you see a photo of you that you'd rather wasn't here leave a 'comment' and I will remove it.
Taking photos in a party environment can be a bit 'hit-and-miss' as I'm working with less than ideal lighting and some of the time trying to focus in the dark. With this in mind, it's not surprising that a lot of the images are not what I would call commercial standard. The approach I took with this event was to try and keep as many images as I could and only throw out the complete failures, after all these are party pics; they can take a little blur or poor lighting. I published at 800 x 533 pixels because at this size most of the imperfections are hidden and they are adequate for personal on-line use, facebook photos, etc. This does mean that there are some that fall below a standard I would usually show people, let alone sell! However at £2 each for charity I'm hoping no-one is too disappointed.